RFID Evidence Management System

Elix-REMS Solutions is designed to logs & tracks the chain of custody movement of evidence information from receiving to/from lab and court, until disposition. Integrated with RFID, it’s capable of tracking all evidence movements within the secure parameters or warehouse. Any unauthorized attempt will prompt an alert on the control centre. The ability to locate evidences via RFID, reduces the time consuming evidence searches. Integrating with CCTV & exit security, Elix-REMS detects unauthorized movement of evidences before reaching the security door. Hence, automatically locks the door, preventing the exit of unauthorized evidences from warehouse. Elix-REMS allows images of the evidences to be captured and stored. Signature bearing receipts can be easily created for an additional audit trail if required. The increased efficiencies and tighter controls provided by Elix-REMS help to ensure the integrity of all evidence for prosecution and disposal purposes.


We also supply Evidence Packaging.

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